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Oldsmobile Performance Parts  

Holly Springs Dragstrip Holly Springs MS 2007. This engine dynoed at only 575 HP. Think what we could do with your car and a DMR suspension.

60' = 1.4891          330' = 4.4475          660' = 6.9925          MPH = 95.93
Can your car do this? If not we can help! If so we can make it better!

Tired of being ripped off. Tired of parts that don't fit. Tired of wrong advise or inconsistent advice. Then call us. We sell what we use.

Dick Miller Racing Inc. is an after-market Oldsmobile performance parts, fiberglass body parts, engine restoration, engine building, and GM and Ford bolt on suspension  business.

Dick Miller, owner of Dick Miller Racing Inc. began his working life as a journeyman meat cutter in the Michigan area. He attended and graduated from a computer programming institute in Toledo OH, while working as a purchasing agent for an auto related supplier. When this company relocated it's facility in 1983, Dick opened Custom Computer Services, which developed software for a variety of business applications. Dick still writes and modifies all the computer software being used at DMRI including this web site. DMRI was established in July of 1992 and incorporates his one and only passion, drag racing! Just like racing, Dick is hands on with the business and he enjoys the personal contact with his customers. Dick being recognized as an expert in Oldsmobile engine building has had many engine building articles published in major magazines such as Hot Rod, Popular Hot Rodding, and Car Craft.

After totaling his Dad’s 56 Oldsmobile and then his Dad’s 57 Oldsmobile while only 16 years old Dick developed a passion for driving Oldsmobile's fast. Dick continued his love affair with fast cars in 1969, racing with Olds power, of course. He still has the 1970 Cutlass W-31 which he purchased new. His list of other race vehicles has included a 1970 442, a 1974 Omega and a custom built 1991 tube chassis Cutlass which ran both NHRA and IHRA in the Super Comp and Quick Rod fields while capable of elapsed times in the 8.5 second range for the quarter mile and reaching speeds over 159 miles per hour. He is a former national record holder and has competed in local, state, and national events, including winning at all levels with his Olds powered vehicles and is the owner of not only an IHRA Walley but also a NHRA one as well. Dick occasionally races his 1970 W-31 with ET’s in the mid 10 second range while still completely street licensed and legal.

In 1995 Dick wanted to expand his Oldsmobile parts business. With his years of winning racing experience and suspension tuning he decided to come out with his DMRI line of rear bolt on 4 link adjustable suspension systems. This line was to be simple enough that it could just be bolted on yet as effective as a professionally custom built system. Since it fit a Cutlass similar kits would also fit a Chevelle, GS, GTO, Camaro, Firebird, and Ford Mustang. With many upgrades over the years the DMRI systems have become known as the best working, strongest, lightest weight, and most adjustable systems on the market. His expert technical advice and suspension knowledge has earned Dick a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable suspension experts in the business.

As the world has been brought closer together with the internet and it’s great shopping tools some feel the need to shop for price only and then look elsewhere for technical help when the company they bought their parts from cannot answer their technical questions. Or some shop around for free technical help and then buy their parts at the cheapest location possible. Even the large mail order companies with their lack of Oldsmobile technical experience refer their customers to Dick to solve their problems. Because the free Oldsmobile technical aspect of our business has gotten out of hand with people wanting Dick to design their engines and solve their technical needs DMR now charges $75.00 (1 time only fully refundable on first order over $75) to all non customers for Oldsmobile technical information. This is for Oldsmobile technical calls only. You can either send a check or put it on a credit card or purchase in the order department under Oldsmobile Engines. Dick still answers most of the phone calls and takes most of the orders and will offer free technical and installation advice to callers for parts being purchased. 

Just finished, a book "How To Hook And Launch" by Dick Miller covers GM, Ford, Chrysler, and AMC suspensions. Renowned author and racer Dick Miller explains the physics behind what gets a car moving from a standing start, and how to best harness the various powers at work. Getting the rear tires to really bite and gain maximum traction is divided into several small steps, and Dick walks you through each phase of the launch. 8.5" x 11", 144 pages, and 300 color photos. Available in the order department. 
Don't try this with your drag race car. I successfully did. It Was more than a hand full. We can set you up so you can run in circles, right and left turns, or straight lines. 
We have thousands of part numbers and only approximately 25% are in the web site store. If you want to buy your parts from someone who has the knowledge to help you with them before and after the sale I can do that. I would suggest you purchase my catalog to see what else we can provide you with and also gain additional technical info not printed elsewhere.