Dick Miller Racing

When only the best will do!

214 SUNRISE DR. - SCIENCE HILL, KY 42553-8400

PHONE 662-233-2301
EMAIL - tech@dickmillerracing.com
Due to the increasing number of viruses we will not open any email that is not identified with the writers personal name.

By looking into the catalog you will have a better idea of what we carry. Not all of these parts are in the order department yet. If you can't find something in the order department that is in the catalog or you need something that is not in either the catalog or the order department please call me at 662-233-2301 or email me at tech@dickmillerracing.com. If you chose email and there is additional tech info needed I may ask you to call me. 
Once you are in the catalog you can press (Ctrl+F) and search for anything in particular.
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