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14th Annual Oldsmobile Powered Race/Show Nationals at Norwalk Raceway July 17, 2011.



Super/Pro (0 to 12.99 - delay box ok).

Best Reaction Time 1st Round-John Stolpa .004

Winner-John Stolpa

Runner/Up-Gary Wojnowski

Semi-Bill Purucker

Quarter-Mickey Toombs

Quarter-Paul Tester

Pro (0 to 15.99 - no delay box).

Best Reaction Time 1st Round-Dave Moon .001

Winner-Phil Smida

Runner/Up-Kevin Thompson

Semi-Todd Thomas

Quarter-Jason Kruse

Quarter-Mark Smith

Eighth-Chuck Powel

Eighth-Rick Batchelor

Eighth-Patrick Glynn

  Eighth-Craig Balow

Eighth-Mark Cook

Stock (no electronics, no open headers, no slicks).

Best Reaction Time 1st Round-Paul Tortorici .003

Winner-Denny Clark

Runner/Up-Jeff Smith

Semi-Tanner Sullivan

Quarter-JJ Wilhelm

Quarter-Jim Wilson

Quarter-Bill Sullivan

Eighth-Ronald Vollman

Eighth-Vic Mastaso

Eighth-Chad Mullins

Eighth-Cameron Groff

Eighth-Dennis Rench

Eighth-Paul Tortorici

King Of The Hill (show cars only are eligible - optional).

Winner-Scott Coulter

Runner/Up-Jim Fox

Semi-Norm Kvetensky



James Kryta 72 Olds 442


Carl Bartko 69 Cutlass Sportcoupe


Denny Wise 66 Olds 442

CLASS 1 All Years Full Size

Winner-Kurt Shubert 65 Olds Jetstar

CLASS 3 All Years Hurst Olds

Winner-Chris & Sonia Welch

CLASS 4 64-69 Performance Cutlass F-85 442 W-30 W-31

Winner-Denny Wise 66 Olds 442

Runner/Up-Jason Sell 66 Olds Cutlass 442

CLASS 5 70-72 Performance Cutlass F-85 442 W-30 W-31

Winner-James Kryta 72 Olds 442

Runner/Up-Ed Bregitzer 71 Olds 442

CLASS 7 78-88 Performance Cutlass 442 W30

Winner-Mark Prince 89 Olds Cutlass Supreme

CLASS 8 77-79 Trans Am

Winner-Jim Fox 79 Pontiac Trans Am

CLASS 11 1900-1967 Modified

Winner-Roger Michaels 66 Olds 443

Runner/Up-Robert Peto 1950 Olds 88 2-Door

CLASS 12 68-Present Modified

Winner-Jeff Auxter 71 Cutlass Supreme Conv.

Runner/Up-Brian Trask 87 Olds Cutlass

CLASS 15 68 Present Street Stock

Winner-Carl Bartko 69 Cutlass Sport Coupe

Runner/Up-Steve Miller 70 442 Conv.

CLASS 16 Unrestored All Years Hurst Olds

Winner-Norm Kvetensky 73 Olds Cutlass

Runner/Up-Wes Hodgsom 70 Olds W-31

CLASS 17 Beater Class

Winner-Cameron Curry 88 Olds Cutlass Classic

Runner/Up-James Kryta 69 Olds F-85