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11th Annual Oldsmobile Powered Open Race/Show Nationals Norwalk Raceway JULY 20, 2008



Super/Pro (0 to 12.99 - delay box ok).

Winner-Paul Tester

Runner/Up-Bob Toombs

Semi-Mickey Toombs

Pro (0 to 15.99 - no delay box). 

Winner-Jeff Smith

Runner/Up-Steve Dembowski

Semi-Bob Kelso

Quarter-Casey Walker

Quarter-Ron Ciardelli

Quarter-Greg Green

Eighth-Les Flaisher

Eighth-John Burkey

Eighth-Pat Glynn

Eighth-Mike Japczyk

Eighth-Jason Yeager

Stock (no electronics, no open headers, no slicks).

Winner-Rob Thomas

Runner/Up-Mark Prince

Semi-Dave Ferris

Quarter-Brian Suter

Quarter-Dennis Rencl

Eighth-Dennis Clarde

Eighth-Joseph Rist

Eighth-Sondra Senior

Eighth-Bill Wilson


King Of The Hill (show cars only are eligible - optional).

Winner-Kelly Miske

Runner/Up-Bob Mann




James Kryta

Best-Of-All Original

Carolyn Taylor


Anthony Raleigh

CLASS 1 64-69 Cutlass Performance

Winner-Raymond Michaels

Runner/Up-Bill Corlett

CLASS 2 72 Cutlass Performance

Winner-Jerry Chiddister

Runner/Up-Ken Kershner

CLASS 3 Cutlass 70

Winner-James Kryta

Runner/Up-Kelly Miske

Runner/Up-Todd Wozhiak

CLASS 4 Oldsmobile 65-72

Winner-Roger Michales

Runner/Up-Jim Wilson

Runner/Up-Bob Mann

CLASS 5 68-Present Modified

Winner-Anthony Raleigh

CLASS 6 Pre 68 Street Stock

Winner-Marc Conway

CLASS 7 68-Present Stock

Winner-Jeff Auxter

Runner/Up-Andy Ruehl        

Runner/Up-Steve Adams

CLASS 8 Un-Restored

Winner-Carolyn Taylor

Runner/Up-Jim Varone