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10th Annual Oldsmobile Powered Race/Show Nationals at Norwalk Raceway July 15, 2007


Race of Champions


Winner-Carl Sawicki

Runner/Up-Mickey Toombs


Winner-Jeff Smith

Runner/Up-Jeff Stewart


Winner-Joe Tharp

Runner/Up-Casey Walker


Super/Pro (0 to 12.99 - delay box ok).

Winner-Mickey Toombs

Runner/Up-Scott Grossenbacher

Semi-Paul Tester

Pro (0 to 15.99 - no delay box).

Winner-Bob McNasby

Runner/Up-Jeff Smith

Semi-Dan Macal

Semi-Jason Toombs

Quarter-Mike Barkin

Quarter-Tanner Sullivan

Quarter-Phil Smida Jr

Eighth-Gene Fontana

Eighth-Jeff Klimp

Eighth-Jeff Watson

Eighth-Chuck Powell

Eighth-Jeff Stewart

Eighth-Al Godon

Eighth-Doug Beauchamp

Stock (no electronics, no open headers, no slicks).

Winner-Andrew Dembrowski

Runner/Up-Nate Raiche

Semi-Jeff Studenic

Semi-Rock Poole

Quarter-Abel Anzaldua

Quarter-Randy Smith

Quarter-Scott Wilson

Eighth-Brain Tupper

Eighth-Joe Drago

Eighth-Casey Walker

Eighth-Bruce Fleming

Eighth-Todd Kettering

Eighth-Jim Wilson

Eighth-Joe Tharp Jr

King Of The Hill (show cars only are eligible - optional).

Winner-Todd Wozmiak

Runner/Up-Bob Mann

Semi-Mark Prince



Joe Janos


James Kryta


Anthony Raleigh

CLASS 1 Full Size All Years

Winner-Mike Cihulas

Runner/Up-Rich Hilko

CLASS 2 Toronado All Years

Winner-Larry Wingert

CLASS 3 Hurst Olds All Years

Winner-Jim Mihn

Runner/Up-Terry & Betsy Fritsch

CLASS 4 64-69 Cutlass - 442 - W-30 Convertible

Winner-Dan Evans

Runner/Up-Joe Cory

CLASS 4 64-69 Cutlass - 442 - W-30 Auto

Winner-Daryl Jackson

Runner/Up-Carl Bartko

CLASS 4 64-69 Cutlass - 442 - W-30 4-Speed

Winner-Ray Michaels

Runner/Up-Dan Fox

CLASS 5 70-72 Cutlass - 442 - W-30 Auto

Winner-James Kryta

Runner/Up-Bill Reynolds

CLASS 5 70-72 Cutlass - 442 - W-30 4-Speed

Winner-Joe Janos

Runner/Up-Mike Keezer

CLASS 7 78-88 Cutlass - 442 - W-30

Winner-Carolyn Taylor

Runner/Up-Kevin Miller

CLASS 11 00-67 Modified

Winner-Andy Ruehl

Runner/Up-Steve & Barb Schaeffer

CLASS 12 68-Present Modified

Winner-Anthony Raleigh

Runner/Up-Bob Mann

CLASS 15 68-Present Street Stock

Winner-Jeff & Georgia Auxter

Runner/Up-Mark Conway