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8th Annual Oldsmobile Powered Race/Show Nationals at Norwalk Raceway July 31,2005


Quickest Dragster

Winner-Russell Hunt 6.59 @ 205.91

Runner/Up-Andy Miller 7.537 @ 168.28

Quickest Door Car

Winner-David Laurer 8.36 @ 157.43

Runner/Up-Paul Tester 9.029 @ 134.06

Super Pro (0-12.99 with electronics)

Winner-Mike Alfman

Runner/Up-Mickey Toombs

Semi-Paul Tester

Pro (0-15.99 no electronics)

Winner-Jeff Watson

Runner/Up-Jeff Stewert

Semi-Dave Moon

Quarter-Troy Burkhart

Quarter-Scott Coulter

Quarter-Ron Steinhart

Eighth-Michael Tischler

Eighth-Mat Murdock

Eighth-Dave Web

Eighth-Alan Morris

Eighth-Mike Japozyk

Stock (no electronics ,no open headers, no slicks)

Winner-Joe Tharp

Runner/Up-Charles Powel

Semi-Jim Gainer

Semi-Stephen Lucia

Quarter-Rob Thomas

Quarter-Sal Mattei

Quarter-Tom Sheehan

Quarter-Phil Wright

Eighth-Kelly Miske

Eighth-Jodi Alfman

Eighth-Abel Anzaldua

Eighth-Todd Ragatz

Eighth-Brent Jennings

Eighth-Dennis Rench

Eighth-Mark Prince

Eighth-Tom Green

King-of-Hill (show cars only)

Winner-Todd Wozniak

Runner/Up-Phil Jordan

Semi-Michael Espinosa

Hurst Olds Club Class Winners

1968 Winner-Glen & Anna Katterson Pittsburgh PA

1969 Winner-Joe Wieczorek Brockport NY

1972 Winner-Bernie Karhoff Elida OH

1974 Winner-Calvin & Doris Badgley Pottersville MI

1975 Winner-Duane Wolfgang Lansing MI

1979 Winner-Chris Arbic Armada MI

1983 Winner-Luke Krooswyk Orland Park IL

1984 Winner-Tara Jacobs Mosinee WI

Aero Winner-Larry Simpson New York NY

Best Reaction Time = Jim Bishop Ocala FL = .007

"Queen" of the Hill = Chris Arbic