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5th Annual Oldsmobile Powered Race/Show Nationals at Norwalk Raceway August 4, 2002


Quickest Dragster

Winner-Andy Miller 7.634 @ 175 mph

Runner/Up-Jeff Livezey 8.039 @ 166 mph

Quickest Door Car

Winner-Rob Johnson 8.141 @ 163 mph

Runner/Up-Bill Trovato 8.956 @ 150 mph

Super Pro (0-12.99 with electronics)

Winner-Gary Wojnawski Jr

Runner/Up-Carl Sawicki

 Semi-Craig Balow

Quarter-Fran Pepi

Quarter-Mike Kruger

Quarter-Andy Miller

Eighth-Mike Alfman

Eighth-John Stolpa

Eight-Jeff Livezey

Pro (0-15.99 no electronics)

Winner-Rob Rimanoci   

Runner/Up-Rodney Kirk 

Semi-Gregg Cooper

Semi-Dave Moon

Quarter-Joe Drazdik

Quarter-Mark Smith

Quarter-Bob Kelso

Eighth-Dave Fouty

Eighth-Gary Kelly

Eighth-John Burkey

Eighth-Michael Tischler

Eighth-Dan Macall

Eighth-Jim Brehm

Eighth-Mark Capellupo

Eighth-Tanner Sullivan

Stock (no electronics ,no open headers, no slicks)

Winner-Randy Brace

Runner/Up-Randall Smith

Semi-Paul Donald Zoch

Quarter-Steve Miller

Quarter-Rob Thomas

Eighth-Larry Bruck

Eighth-Roger Jones

Eighth-Leighton Mullins Jr

Eighth-Ron Vollmar

King-of-Hill (show cars only)

Winner-Mark Prince

Runner/Up-Tom Kurshuk

Semi-Greg Schneider

Last Chance (first & second round runner-ups)

Winner-Matthew Blanchard

Runner/Up-Opus Yeager


Best of Show
James Kryta 71 442 W-30

Hurst Olds (1968-1975)    

1st-Russell Small 69 Hurst

Hurst Olds (1979-1988)

1st-Ron Krier 79 Hurst

2nd-Cheryl Jordon 79 Hurst

Custom Olds (Pre-1981)

1st-Jim Kintx 72 442

2nd-Jeff Auxter 71 Cutlass Supreme

Custom Olds (1981-Present)

1st-Dick Torgerson 86 Cutlass

442 Olds (1960-1969)

1st-Rob Cook 66 442

2nd-Raymond Michaels 65 442

442 Olds (1970-1979)

1st-James Kryta 71 442 W-30

2nd-Greg Schneider 70 442 W-30

442 Olds (1980-1987)

1st-Carolyn Taylor 1987 442

2nd-Kevin Miller 87 442

Stock Olds (Pre-1981)

1st-Dave Luthman 71 442 W-30

2nd-Darrel Detwiler 70 F-85 W-31

Stock Olds (1981-Present)

1st-Alan & Melissa Goschka 92 Cutlass

2nd-Wes Vandine 91 Toronado