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3rd Annual Oldsmobile Powered Race/Show Nationals at Norwalk Raceway May 28, 2000


Super Pro (0-12.99 with electronics)

Winner-Gary Wojnoski Jr.

Runner/Up-Gary Wojnowski Sr.

Semi-Tom Tompkins

Quarter-Bob Toombs

Pro (0-15.99 no electronics)

Winner-Bob Nichols Sr

Runner/Up-Fred Johnson

Semi-Tom Treharm

Semi-Rodney Kirk

Quarter-Jeff Watson

Quarter-Terry Walters

Quarter-Eric Landsman

Eighth-Greg Cooper

Eighth-Rex Torgerson

Eighth-Mark Capellupo

Eighth-Abel Anzaldua

Stock (no electronics ,no open headers, no slicks)

Winner-Chuck Powell

Runner/Up-Ryan Ortosky

Semi-Thad Gardner

Quarter-R J McGrath

Quarter-Kelly Miske

Quarter-Steve Miller

Eighth-Ashley Blanchard

Eighth-Mark Prince

Eighth-Ronald Smith

Eighth-Bill Stamper

King-of-Hill (show cars only)

Winner-Keith Horsky

Runner/Up-Rick Roberts

Semi-Greg Franklin

Last Chance (first & second round runner-ups)

Winner-Tom Sheehan

Runner/Up-Greg Diggs


Best of Show

Jason Sell 1966 442

Hurst Olds (1968-1975)

1st-Rick Roberts

2nd-Mike Knieper

Hurst Olds (1979-1988)

1st-Ron Krier

2nd-Robert Charney

Custom Olds (Pre-1980)

1st-Jim & Janet Kintz

2nd-Jeff & Georgia Auxter

Custom Olds (1981-Present)

1st-Dick Torgerson

2nd-Robert Powers

442 Olds (1960-1969)

1st-Jason Sell

2nd-Matt Kocks

442 Olds (1970-1979)

1st-Bernie Karhoff

2nd-David Luthman

442 Olds (1980-1987)

1st-Carolyn Taylor

2nd-Casey Gill

Stock Olds (Pre-1981)

1st-Ned Zuercher

2nd-Victor Kerster