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1st Annual Oldsmobile Powered Race/Show Nationals at Norwalk Raceway August 16, 1998


Super Pro (0-11.99 with electronics) 

1st Gary Wojnowski Jr.

2nd Carl Sawicki

Semi Steve Horsky

Quarters Mike Alsman

Quarters Roger Kirk

Quarters Chris Heminger

Eighths Mickey Toombs

Eighths Bob Toombs

Eighths Jim Brehm

Pro (0-13.99 no electronics)

1st Mark Wrotten

2nd James Riley

Semi Brian Green

Quarters Rob Thomas

Quarters Fred Johnson

Eighths Randy McGrath

Eighths Kris Frantz

Eighths Dan Ernsberger

Eighths Jeff Watson

Super Stock (14.00 & up)

1st Tony Kirk

2nd Jeff Bulcok

Semi Randall Smith

Semi Paull Dotson

Quarters Doug Bazer

Quarters Sean Hutchisson

Quarters Rudy Keron

Stock (no elect , open headers, slicks)

1st Bill Stamper

2nd Sal Mattei

Semi Skooter Pico

Semi Jim Franks

Quarters Dave Buzek

Quarters Arthur Wiele

Quarters Tom Sheehan

Quarters Eric Schleter

King-of-Hill (show cars only)

1st Keith Horskey

2nd Kevin Miller


Best of Show

Dominick Anthony 1966 "442"

Stock Olds (Pre-1980)

1st Mike Onderko

2nd Jeff Auxter

442 Olds (1960-1969)

1st Dominick Anthony

2nd Jason Sell

442 Olds (1970-1979)

1st Greg Schnieder

2nd Art Fritch

442 Olds (1980-1987)

1st Barb Shatzer

2nd Casey Gill

Custom Olds (Pre-1980)

1st Tom & Theresa Farster

2nd Dave Collier

Custom Olds (1981-Present)

1st Russell Smith

2nd Dennis Wise